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カラム・リンチ(Callum "Cal" Lynch) (生1979年)は現代アサシンであり、15世紀のスペインのアサシンアギラール・デ・ネルハの子孫である。




"処刑" 投獄そしてアニムスへ編集

2016年12月21日 カラムは公にはアメリカテキサス州で処刑されることになったが、アブスターゴ財団ソフィア・リッキン博士の指示で助け出される。 [2]

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翌日、カラムをアニムスにはいるように強制していたアラン・リッキンの口から父親も同じ施設に居ることをカラムは知る。 Alan correctly assumed that Callum, rather than wanting to come to terms with his past, wished to destroy it.[2]

Presented with his father's Hidden Blade, Callum confronted his father. Joseph informed Callum that his mother’s death had been necessary in order to keep the Templars from placing her in the Animus, and locating the Apple. Though Callum was unwilling to kill his father in cold blood, he promised to aid the Templars in locating the Apple, so that they might use it to destroy the Assassins in the modern day.[2]

Callum once more returned to the Animus, this time willingly, in order to locate the Apple through Aguilar's memories. This time he was confronted by the facility's head of security, McGowen, who gave Callum a brief history on the Assassins. McGowen admitted that he respected the Assassins' integrity and commitment to a cause, comparing Callum unfavourably against them.[2]

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Callum in the Animus

Inside the Animus, Callum witnessed the betrayal of the Templars, when Aguilar's companion, Maria, was murdered to Ojeda in order to regain the Apple. As Aguilar, in the past, escaped his Templar pursuers, Callum remained fully synchronised enough the successfully perform a Leap of Faith. Landing forcefully on the ground, the Animus arm attached to Callum jerked violently and broke, though he remained connected long enough for those present to witness Aguilar handing the Apple to Christopher Columbus. Having successfully located the Apple in Columbus' tomb in the Seville Cathedral, Sophia and Alan Rikkin were forced to evacuate the facility due to a revolt led by Moussa and his fellow Assassin inmates.[2]

Meanwhile, Callum remained connected to the Animus and was greeted by ghostly visions of several of his Assassin ancestors, from a number of historical periods, including not only Aguilar, but Callum's mother and father too. Accepting his place among the Assassins, Callum resolved to escape the facility and retrieve the Apple. Together with Moussa, Nathan, Emir, and Lin, Callum fought his way out of the facility.[2]

Retrieving the Apple編集

Despite the deaths of Nathan and Emir, the Assassins were successful in escaping the facility and tracked Rikkin to London, where the Templar Order was meeting en masse to celebrate the retrieval of the Apple. Callum, Moussa, and Lin managed to infiltrate the meeting by breaking down their Hidden Blades into separate parts, before reconstructing them inside.[2]

Callum briefly confronted Sophia who, having become disillusioned with her father's priorities - eliminating the Assassins, over eliminating violence in general - did nothing to prevent Callum from retrieving the Apple and killing her father.[2]


  • "Callum" is a masculine Gaelic name meaning "dove" in Scottish and Irish Gaelic, continuing the trend of Assassin's Creed protagonists having avian-themed names.
  • In the scene with the bulletin board showing Callum's family tree, the photograph of a young Callum has his name written as "Cal", with the "A" written as the Assassin insignia.
  • Arno Dorian is possibly an ancestor of Callum; during the scene in which Callum's ancestors manifested themselves in a circle around him, a man dressed identically to Arno can be seen. Additionally, Sophia describes one of the ancestors as a "French revolutionist" during said scene in the novelization.
  • Callum and his father share their surname with a Templar called Victor Lynch that operated in London during the 19th century; it is unknown if they are actually related to him, however.



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